Sports Academy Summer Term Is Underway

01 Jul

As the summer term commences, SportsLink Academy is back, Safer than ever!

In alignment to #FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association ), #TFF (Tanzania Football Federation), #NSC #BMT (National Sports Council), and the W.H.O guidelines - SportsLink has resumed it's academy services with even more enhancements to quality already provided.

SportsLink has also entered a partnership with Bahari Beach - Ledger Plaza, a 4.3 Star hotel where we now we now have an additional training ground in close proximity of academy campus. 

We also have further added to our team to assure business development aspect in relation to landing our players professional opportunities are enhanced. 

This as well as more news to follow in relation to innovation to our athlete development services, standards, additional languages to respective program and more.

Join us today and meet your opportunity. 

Sign up now by either sending us a direct message, email, call +255 682 000 097 or fill in an online form on




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